Abandoned Pools
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Armed To The Teeth
Army Of Me
Goodbye Song
Hunting (The Universe Breaks My Heart)
Lethal Killers
Maybe Then Someday
Mercy Kiss
Ruin Your Life
Sailing Seas
Sooner Or Later
Start Over
Suburban Muse
Sunny Day
Catalyst, The
Remedy, The
Tighter Noose
Waiting To Panic

Humanistic (2001)
1. The Remedy
2. Mercy Kiss
3. Start Over
4. Monster
5. Blood
6. Suburban Muse
7. Sunny Day
8. L.V.B.D.
9. Ruin Your Life
10. Never
11. Seed
12. Fluorescein

The Reverb EP (2005)
3. Army Of Me

Armed To The Teeth (2005)
1. Lethal Killers
2. Rabble
3. The Catalyst
4. Tighter Noose
5. Waiting To Panic
6. Hunting (The Universe Breaks My Heart)
7. Armed To The Teeth
8. Sooner Or Later
9. Sailing Seas
10. Renegade
11. Maybe Then Someday
12. Goodbye Song


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