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Album Information

Album Name (Year):
Different Light (1986)
Record Label:
Columbia Records
Billboard Chart:
The Billboard 200
Entry Week (Position):
02/01/1986 (185)
Peak Position:
Weeks On Chart:
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Album Notes
This album also spent 47 weeks on the British Charts starting 03/15/86, peaking at #3.
{Album Notes}


Writing the lines as they come to me
Scratching them out almost immediately
Don't know what it's done to me

It's cold and it's wet it's been raining all night
And there's a letter I've been trying to write
Something better waiting somewhere for me

One of them is sitting on the wrong coast
One awaits an answer by return post
Waiting, waiting

Try to remember how long it's been
There was more to us than paper and pen
Think how easy it is to conceal

And I know when we're together again
We'll be strangers for an hour and then
We'll have to figure out if this thing is real

One of them is sitting on the east coast
One awaits an answer by return post
Waiting, waiting

Take a drink and staring out the window
Wondering how long this can continue
Waiting, waiting


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Song Information
Song Written By:
Susanna Hoffs, Vicki Peterson
Track Number:
Track Length:
Billboard Chart:
Song did not chart
Entry Week (Position):
- -
Peak Position:
- -
Weeks On Chart:
- -

Song Notes
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