Futterman's Rule

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Album Information

Album Name (Year):
Ill Communication (1994)
Record Label:
Grand Royal Records
Billboard Chart:
The Billboard 200
Entry Week (Position):
06/18/1994 (1)
Peak Position:
Weeks On Chart:
Songs On This Album: (Click For Lyrics)
1. Sure Shot
2. Tough Guy
3. B-Boys Makin' With The Freak Freak
4. Bobo On The Corner (Instrumental)
5. Root Down
6. Sabotage
7. Get It Together
8. Sabrosa (Instrumental)
9. The Update
10. Futterman's Rule
11. Alright Hear This
12. Eugene's Lament (Instrumental)
13. Flute Loop
14. Do It
15. Ricky's Theme (Instrumental)
16. Heart Attack Man
17. The Scoop
18. Shambala (Instrumental)
19. Bodhisattva Vow
20. Transitions (Instrumental)

Album Notes
This album also appeared on the following Billboard charts (Peak Position):
Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums (2)
Top Pop Catalog (1)
Spent 15 weeks on the British Charts starting 06/04/94, peaking at #10.

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"When Two Are Served, You May Begin To Eat"
- Gene Futterman

"Time is runnin' I'm passin' I'm passin' and runnin'
I'm runnin' and passin'
So you all better get right at this time
'Cause there might be no next time ya'll"

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Song Information
Song Written By:
Beastie Boys, Mark Nishita
Track Number:
Track Length:
Billboard Chart:
Song did not chart
Entry Week (Position):
- -
Peak Position:
- -
Weeks On Chart:
- -

Song Notes
No information available
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