Cabaret Voltaire
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Alien Nation Funk
Arm Of The Lord, The
Baader Meinfof
Back To Brazilia
Bad Chemistry
Bad Self
Badge Of Evil
Bedtime Stories
Belly Of The Beast (Back In Babylon)
Big Funk
Black Mask
Blue Heat
Breathe Deep
Brutal But Clean
Burnt To The Ground
Chance Vs. Causality Soundtrack
Cold Turkey
Control Addict
Cooled Out
Cut The Damn Camera
Damage Is Done
Deep Time
Delmas 19
Digital Rasta
Do Right
Do The Mussolini - Headkick
Do The Snake
Don't Argue
Don't Walk Away
Double Vision
Dream Sequence 1
Dream Sequence 2
Dream Ticket, The
Drink Your Poison
Dynamic Zone
Eastern Mantra
Easy Life
Eddie's Out
Empty Walls
Everything Is True
Expect Nothing
Exterminating Angel (Intro)
Exterminating Angel (Outro)
Eyeless Sight (Live)
Fools Game (Sluggin' Fer Jesus Pt. 3)
4th Shot
From Another Source
Get Out Of My Face
Ghost Talk
Golden Halos
Gut Level
Hallucination Sequence
Harmonic Parallel
Heat, The
Heaven And Hell
Hells Home
Here She Comes Now [The Velvet Underground]
Here To Go
I Think
I Want You
If The Sadows Could March?
In The Shadows
Inside The Electronic Revolution
Invisible Generation
Is That Me (Finding Someone At The Door Again?)
James Brown
Jazz The Computer
Jazz The Glass
Just Fascination
Keep On (I Got This Feeling)
Keep On Pushin'
Kneel To The Boss
Kurlian Photograph
Legacy Of The Computer
Let It Come Down
Let's Start
Life Slips By
Loves In Vein
Low Cool
Message, The
Messages Received
Minute By Minute
Motion Rotation
Nag Nag Nag
Neuron Factory
News From Nowhere
Night Rider
No Escape
No One Here
No Resistance
On Every Other Street
Operative, The
Other World
Over And Over
Partially Submerged
Positive ID
Project 80 (Parts 1-4)
Quarry, The (In The Wilderness)
Radical Chic
Red Mask
Rescue Me (City Lights)
Root, The
Safety Zone
Seconds Too Late
Set Up, The
Sex, Money, Freaks
(Shakedown) The Whole Thing
She Loves You
Silend Command
Single, The
Sluggin' Fer Jesus (Pt. 1)
Sluggin' Fer Jesus (Pt. 2)
Sly Doubt
Soul Vine (70 Billion People)
Soulenoid (Scream At The Right Time)
Spies In The Wires
Split Second Feeling
Spread The Virus
Stay Out Of It
Stolen From Spectra
Sunday Night In Biot, A
T Phunk
Talking Time
Taxi Music
Taxi Mutant
Thank You America
Theme From Earthshaker
Theme From Technacolour
This Is Entertainment
Thousand Ways, A
3 Days Monk
Time Beats
Title Sequence
Touch Of Evil, A
Trouble (Wont Stop)
Vitrions China
Voice Of America, The
Wait And Shuffle
Wait And Shuffle
Walls Of Jericho
Walls Of Kyoto
War Of Nerves
War Of Nerves (T.E.S.)
Web, The
Western Land
Western Mantra
What Is Real
Whip Blow
White Car
Why Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself)
Your Agent Man

The Outer Limits Demo (1976)
1. Capsules
2. Is That Me (Finding Someone At The Door Again?)
3. The Single
4. Ooraseal
5. Loves In Vein
6. Dream Sequence 1
7. Dream Sequence 2
8. Do The Snake
9. A Sunday Night In Biot
10. She Loves You
11. Stolen From Spectra
12. Bedtime Stories

Extended Play EP (1978)

1. Talkover
2. Here She Comes Now
3. Do The Mussolini - Headkick
4. The Set Up

Mix-Up (10/1979)
1. Kurlian Photograph
2. No Escape
3. 4th Shot
4. Heaven And Hell
5. Eyeless Sight (Live)
6. Photophobia
7. On Every Other Street
8. Expect Nothing

Silent Command Single (12/1979)
1. Silend Command
2. Chance Vs. Causality Soundtrack

Live At The Y.M.C.A. 27.10.79 (1/1980)
1. Untitled
3. Nag Nag Nag
5. Havoc
9. Baader Meinfof

Three Mantras EP (3/1980)
1. Eastern Mantra
2. Western Mantra

The Voice Of America (7/1980)

1. The Voice Of America
2. Damage Is Done
3. Partially Submerged
4. Kneel To The Boss
5. Premonition
6. This Is Entertainment
7. If The Sadows Could March?
8. Stay Out Of It
9. Obsession
10. News From Nowhere
11. Messages Received

Seconds Too Late Single (11/1980)
1. Seconds Too Late
2. Control Addict

3 Crepuscule Tracks EP (7/1981)
1. Sluggin' Fer Jesus (Pt. 1)
2. Your Agent Man
3. Sluggin' Fer Jesus (Pt. 2)

Red Mecca (8/1981)
1. A Touch Of Evil
2. Sly Doubt
3. Landslide
4. A Thousand Ways
5. Red Mask
6. Split Second Feeling
7. Black Mask
8. Spread The Virus

Jazz The Glass Single (11/1981)
1. Jazz The Glass
2. Burnt To The Ground

Eddie's Out Single (12/1981)
1. Eddie's Out
2. Walls Of Jericho

Live In Sheffield 19th January (3/1982)
As Pressure Company
1. War Of Nerves
2. Wait And Shuffle
4. Vitrions China

2X45 (6/1982)
1. Breathe Deep
2. Yashar
3. Protection
6. Get Out Of My Face

Hai! (Live) (11/1982)
1. Walls Of Kyoto
2. 3 Days Monk
5. Diskono

Fools Game Single (2/1983)

1. Fools Game (Sluggin' Fer Jesus Pt. 3)
2. Gut Level

Just Fascination Single (7/1983)
1. Just Fascination
2. Empty Walls

The Crackdown (8/1983)

1. 24-24
2. In The Shadows
3. Talking Time
4. Animation
5. Over And Over
7. Why Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself)
8. Haiti
9. Crackdown
Re-Released In 1985 With:
11. Double Vision
12. Badge Of Evil
13. Moscow

Johnny Yesno Soundtrack (11/1983)

1. Taxi Music
2. Hallucination Sequence
3. D.T.'s
4. Cold Turkey
5. The Quarry (In The Wilderness)
6. Title Sequence

The Dream Ticket Single (12/1983)
1. The Dream Ticket
2. Safety Zone

Sensoria Single (9/1984)

1. Sensoria
2. Cut The Damn Camera

Micro-Phonies (11/1984)
1. Do Right
2. The Operative
3. Digital Rasta
4. Spies In The Wires
5. Theme From Earthshaker
6. James Brown
7. Slammer
8. Blue Heat

James Brown Single (1/1985)

2. Bad Self

Drinking Gasoline EP (6/1985)
1. Kino
2. Sleepwalking
3. Big Funk
4. Ghost Talk

I Want You Single (9/1985)
1. I Want You
2. Drink Your Poison

The Covenant, The Sword And The Arm Of The Lord (10/1985)
1. L21ST
3. Hells Home
4. Kickback
5. The Arm Of The Lord
6. Warm
7. Golden Halos
8. Motion Rotation
9. Whip Blow
10. The Web

The Drain Train EP (1986)
1. (Shakedown) The Whole Thing
2. Manace
3. Electro-Motive

Code (10/1987)
1. Don't Argue
2. Sex, Money, Freaks
3. Thank You America
4. Here To Go
5. Trouble (Wont Stop)
6. White Car
7. No One Here
8. Life Slips By
9. Code

Groovy, Laidback And Nasty (6/1990)

1. Searchin'
2. Hypnotised
3. Minute By Minute
4. Runaway
5. Keep On (I Got This Feeling)
6. Magic
7. Time Beats
8. Easy Life
9. Rescue Me (City Lights)

Easy Life Single (7/1990)
2. Fluid
3. Positive ID

What Is Real Single (2/1991)
3. Legacy Of The Computer

Body And Soul (3/1991)
1. No Resistance
2. Shout
3. Happy
4. Decay
5. Bad Chemistry
6. Vibration
7. What Is Real
8. Western Land
9. Don't Walk Away
10. Alien Nation Funk

Percussion Force (7/1991)

2. Keep On Pushin'
4. Dynamic Zone
5. Jazz The Computer
7. T Phunk

Colours (10/1991)
1. Colours
2. Alright
4. Wildlife
5. Smooth
7. Theme From Technacolour

Plasticity (1992)
1. Low Cool
2. Soul Vine (70 Billion People)
3. Resonator
4. Inside The Electronic Revolution
5. From Another Source
6. Deep Time
7. Back To Brazilia
8. Neuron Factory
9. Delmas 19
10. Cooled Out
11. Invisible Generation
12. Soulenoid (Scream At The Right Time)

International Language (1993)
1. Everything Is True
2. Radical Chic
3. Taxi Mutant
4. Let It Come Down
5. Afterglow
6. The Root
7. Millenium
8. Belly Of The Beast (Back In Babylon)
9. Other World

The Conversation (1994)

1. Exterminating Angel (Intro)
2. Brutal But Clean
3. The Message
4. Let's Start
5. Night Rider
6. I Think
7. The Heat
8. Harmonic Parallel
9. Project 80 (Parts 1-4)
10. Exterminating Angel (Outro)


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