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Alive For The First Time
Another Lesson In Love
Broken Man
Keep It Up
Kiss N' Tell
One More Chance
Party Foul
Punch Your Lights Out
Slow Dance With A Stranger
So Far Gone
Sparkle Baby Shine
Think About It
Used And Abused
Where I Started
You All Believe
Your Kind (Speak To Me)

Punch Your Lights Out EP (2008)
1. Party Foul
2. Slow
3. Keep It Up
4. Sparkle Baby Shine
5. Punch Your Lights Out

Used And Abused (2008)
1. So Far Gone
2. Things
3. One More Chance
4. Kiss N' Tell
5. Your Kind (Speak To Me)
6. Slow Dance With A Stranger
7. Used And Abused
8. Alive For The First Time
9. You All Believe
10. Broken Man
11. Think About It
12. Another Lesson In Love
13. Where I Started


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