Kathleen Edwards
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Alicia Ross
Asking For Flowers
Back To Me
Change The Sheets
Cheapest Key, The
Copied Keys
Empty Threat
For The Record Going To Hell
Good Things
Goodnight, California
Hockey Skates
House Full Of Empty Rooms
I Make The Dough
I2 Bellevue
In State
Independent Thief
National Steel
Oh Canada
Oil Man's War
Old Time Sake
One More Song The Radio Won't Like
Pink Champagne
Pink Emerson Radio
Scared At Night
Six O'Clock News
Soft Place To Land, A
Somewhere Else
Sure As Shit
Sweet Little Duck
The Lone Wolf
What Are You
You Get The Glory

    Failer (2003)
1. Six O'Clock News
2. One More Song The Radio Won't Like
3. Hockey Skates
4. The Lone Wolf
5. I2 Bellevue
6. Mercury
7. Westby
8. Maria
9. National Steel
10. Sweet Little Duck

Back To Me (2005)
1. In State
2. Back To Me
3. Pink Emerson Radio
4. Independent Thief
5. Old Time Sake
6. Summerlong
7. What Are You
8. Away
9. Somewhere Else
10. Copied Keys
11. Good Things

Asking For Flowers (2008)
1. Buffalo
2. The Cheapest Key
3. Asking For Flowers
4. Alicia Ross
5. I Make The Dough
6. You Get The Glory
7. Oil Man's War
8. Sure As Shit
9. Run
10. Oh Canada
11. Scared At Night
12. Goodnight, California

Voyageur (2012)
1. Empty Threat
2. Chameleon/Comedian
3. A Soft Place To Land
4. Change The Sheets
5. House Full Of Empty Rooms
6. Mint
7. Sidecars
8. Pink Champagne
9. Going To Hell
10. For The Record


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