No Place Like Home

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Album Information

Album Name (Year):
Bigger, Better, Faster, More! (1992)
Record Label:
Interscope Records
Billboard Chart:
The Billboard 200
Entry Week (Position):
04/03/1993 (148)
Peak Position:
Weeks On Chart:
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Album Notes
This album also appeared on the following Billboard charts (Peak Position):
Heatseekers (1)
Top Heatseekers (East North Central) (1)
Top Heatseekers (Middle Atlantic) (2)
Top Heatseekers (Mountain) (3)
Top Heatseekers (Northeast) (3)
Top Heatseekers (Pacific) (5)
Top Heatseekers (South Atlantic) (5)
Top Heatseekers (South Central) (10)
Top Heatseekers (West North Central) (1)
Spent 18 weeks on the British Charts starting 7/17/93, peaking at #4.


When I wake up in my house
I get dressed then I get lost
I don't know which way to go
I'll go and have a cup of Joe

Where the hell was I anyways
So I end up on the street
Walkin' talkin' to my own beat
In a fog, and in a haze
I was trippin' out for days

Can you help me find my way home
Don't rock the boat now, just let it slide
Groovy people walking back and forth, that's right

So I hop on to this bus
Destination reads "Please save us"
Well, now I know, I'm not a soul
To be found in this dark hole

Can you help me find my way home
Can you help me find my way home

I'm so tired of looking for the door
Please help me find my way
Please help me find my way
I can't find the door

Where am I now, where am I now
I find myself just out there floating


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Song Information
Song Written By:
W. Day, Shaunna Hall, Christa Hillhouse, Linda Perry
Track Number:
Track Length:
Billboard Chart:
Song did not chart
Entry Week (Position):
- -
Peak Position:
- -
Weeks On Chart:
- -

Song Notes
No information available
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