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Until We Get Caught EP (2005)
1. Until We Get Caught
2. At 6:00, We Go Live
3. Save Your Breath
4. These Backs Are Made For Stabbing
5. Loose Lips Sink Ships

This Is A Stick Up...Don't Make It Murder (2006)
1. Call Out (You Are The Dishes)
2. These Backs Are Made For Stabbing
3. Three On Nine
4. Bodybag
5. Talk Us Down
6. Save Your Breath
7. Sincerely Yours
8. One Hundred Times
9. It's All The Rage
10. Speakers Blown
11. Until We Get Caught
12. Make A Run For It

Skip School Start Fights (2008)
1. Count It!
2. Breathe In
3. Stay Out
4. Drop The Girl
5. Tell Me Where You Are
6. Hangs Em High
7. Back Breaker
8. Don't Wait
9. Cry Your Eyes Out
10. Statues
11. Say What You Want To Say
12. Winding Down
13. On And On


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