Steve Winwood
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And I Go (Talking Back to the Night, 1982)
Angel of Mercy (Junction 7, 1997)
Another Deal Goes Down (Refugees of the Heart, 1990)
Arc of a Diver (Arc of a Diver, 1980)
At Times We Do Forget (Nine Lives, 2008)
Back in the High Life Again (Back in the High Life, 1986)
Big Girls Walk Away (Talking Back to the Night, 1982)
Bully (About Time, 2004)
Cigano (About Time, 2004)
Come Out and Dance (Refugees of the Heart, 1990)
Different Light (About Time, 2004)
Dirty City (Nine Lives, 2008)
Domingo Morning (About Time, 2004)
Don't You Know What the Night Can Do? (Roll With It, 1988)
Dust (Arc of a Diver, 1980)
Every Day (Oh Lord) (Refugees of the Heart, 1990)
Family Affair (Junction 7, 1997)
Fill Me Up (Junction 7, 1997)
The Finer Things (Back in the High Life, 1986)
Fly (Nine Lives, 2008)
Freedom Overspill (Back in the High Life, 1986)
Gotta Get Back to My Baby (Junction 7, 1997)
Hearts on Fire (Roll With It, 1988)
Help Me Angel (Talking Back to the Night, 1982)
Higher Love (Back in the High Life, 1986)
Hold On
Holding On (Roll With It, 1988)
Horizon (About Time, 2004)
Hungry Man (Nine Lives, 2008)
I'm Not Drowning (Nine Lives, 2008)
In the Light of Day (Refugees of the Heart, 1990)
It Was Happiness (Talking Back to the Night, 1982)
I Will Be Here (Refugees of the Heart, 1990)
Just Wanna Have Some Fun (Junction 7, 1997)
Let Me Make Something in Your Life
Let Your Love Come Down (Junction 7, 1997)
Lord of the Street (Junction 7, 1997)
Luck's In
Midland Maniac
Morning Side, The(Roll With It, 1988)
My Love's Leavin' (Back in the High Life, 1986)
Night Train (Arc of a Diver, 1980)
Now That You're Alive (About Time, 2004)
One and Only Man (Refugees of the Heart, 1990)
One More Morning (Roll With It, 1988)
Other Shore (Nine Lives, 2008)
Phoenix Rising (About Time, 2004)
Plenty Lovin' (Junction 7, 1997)
Put on Your Dancin' Shoes (Roll With It, 1988)
Raging Sea (Nine Lives, 2008)
Reach for the Light (Balto Soundtrack, 1995)
Real Love (Junction 7, 1997)
Roll With It (Roll With It, 1988)
Running On (Refugees of the Heart, 1990)
Second-Hand Woman (Arc of a Diver, 1980)
Secrets (Nine Lives, 2008)
Shining Song (Roll With It, 1988)
Silvia (About Time, 2004)
Slowdown Sundown (Arc of a Diver, 1980)
Someone Like You (Junction 7, 1997)
Spanish Dancer (Arc of a Diver, 1980)
Split Decision (Back in the High Life, 1986)
Spy in the House of Love (Junction 7, 1997)
Still in the Game (Talking Back to the Night, 1982)
Take It as it Comes (Back in the High Life, 1986)
Take It to the Final Hour (About Time, 2004)
Talking Back to the Night (Talking Back to the Night, 1982)
There's a River (Talking Back to the Night, 1982)
Time Is Running Out
Vacant Chair
Valerie (Talking Back to the Night, 1982)
Wake Me Up on Judgment Day (Back in the High Life, 1986)
Walking On (About Time, 2004)
We're All Looking (Nine Lives, 2008)
When the Eagle Flies (Traffic, When the Eagle Flies, 1974)
While There's a Candle Burning (Talking Back to the Night, 1982)
While You See a Chance (Arc of a Diver, 1980)
Why Can't We Live Together (About Time, 2004)
You'll Keep on Searching (Refugees of the Heart, 1990)
You Must Believe Me (SDG 2nd Album, 1966)
Your Silence Is Your Song (The Call It An Accident Soundtrack, 1983)



Steve Winwood (1977)
1. Hold On
2. Time Is Running Out
3. Midland Maniac
4. Vacant Chair
5. Luck's In
6. Let Me Make Something In Your Life


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