Girls On Film
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Album Information

Album Name (Year):
Duran Duran (1981)
Record Label:
EMI Records
Billboard Chart:
The Billboard 200
Entry Week (Position):
02/19/1983 (n/a)
Peak Position:
Weeks On Chart:
Songs On This Album: (Click For Lyrics)
1. Girls On Film
2. Planet Earth
3. Anyone Out There
4. Careless Memories
5. Night Boat
6. Sound Of Thunder
7. Friends Of Mine
8. Tel Aviv (Instrumental)

Album Notes
This album also spent 118 weeks on the British Charts starting 06/27/81, peaking at #3.
{Album Notes}

insert ck
See them walking hand in hand
Across the bridge at midnight
Heads turning as the lights flashing out
Are so bright
And walk right out to the four line track
There's a camera rolling on her back
On her back
And I sense a rhythm humming in a frenzy
All the way down her spine

Girls on film
Girls on film
Girls on film
Girls on film

Lipstick cherry all over the lens as she's falling
And miles of sharp blue water coming in
Where she lies
The diving man's coming up for air
'Cause the crowd all love pulling Dolly by the hair
By the hair
And she wonders how she ever got here
As she goes under again

Girls on film (two minutes later)
Girls on film
Girls on film (got your picture)
Girls on film

Wider, baby, smile and you've just made a million
Fuses pumping live heat twisting out on a wire
Take one last glimpse into the night
I'm touching close
I'm holding bright, holding tight
Give me shudders in a whisper
Take me up ‘til I'm shooting a star

Girls on film (she's more than a lady)
Girls on film
Girls on film (two minutes later)
Girls on film
Girls on film (see you together)
Girls on film
Girls on film (see you later)
Girls on film

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Song Information
Song Written By:
Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Andy Taylor, Roger Taylor
Track Number:
Track Length:
Billboard Chart:
Hot Dance Club Play (Remix)
Entry Week (Position):
03/13/1999 (42)
Peak Position:
Weeks On Chart:

Song Notes
This song also appeared on this Billboard chart:
Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales (Remix)
  Starting 05/22/99 Peak-20 Wks-7
The British Charts
  Starting 07/25/81 Peak-5 Wks-11

{Song Notes}
This song has been covered by:
Wesley Willis
Billy Preston
The Living End
Girls Aloud


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