Big Country
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Ages Of A Man
All Fall Together
All Go Together
All Of Us
Angle Park
Another Misty Morning
Bass Dance (Instrumental)
Beat The Devil
Beautiful People
Belief In The Small Man
Big City
Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys [The Equals]
Blue On A Green Planet
Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys)
Buffalo Skinners
Camp Smedley's Theme (Instrumental)
Can You Feel The Winter
Celtic Dream
Chester's Farm
Christmas Island
Close Action
Come Back To Me
Comes A Time
Cracked Actor [David Bowie]
Crossing, The
Dead On Arrival (Instrumental)
Devil In The Eye
Dive Into Me
(Don't Fear) The Reaper [Blue Oyster Cult]
Don't You Stay
Down On The Corner [Creedence Clearwater Revival]
Dragging My Name
Driving To Damascus
Dust On The Road
Dynamite Lady
East Of Eden
Everything I Need
Far From Me To You
Fields Of Fire
Flag Of Nations (Instrumental)
Flame Of The West
Fly Like An Eagle
Fragile Thing
Freedom Song
From Here To Eternity
Giant (Instrumental)
Girl With Grey Eyes
God's Great Mistake
God's Great Mistake (Alternate Version)
Golden Boy Loves Golden Girl
Great Divide, The
Hardly A Mountain (Can You Feel The Winter)
Harvest Home
Heart And Soul
Heart Of The World
Hey Hey My My (Into The Black) [Neil Young]
Highland Scenary (Instrumental)
Hold The Heart
Home Came The Angels
Honky Tonk Woman [The Rolling Stones]
Hostage Speaks, The
I Am A Small Republic
I Could Be Happy Here
I Feel Fine
I Get Hurt
I Walk The Hill
I'm Eighteen [Alice Cooper]
I'm Not Ashamed
I'm On Fire [Bruce Springsteen]
I'm On This Train
I'm Only Waiting
Ice Cream Smile
In A Big Country
In This Place
In Your Homeland
Into The Fire
John Wayne's Dream
Just A Shadow
Keep On Dreaming
King Of Emotion
Kiss The Girl Goodbye
Leap Of Faith
Living By Memory
Lone Star
Long Road, The
Long Way Home
Longest Day, The
Look Away
Lost Patrol
Made In Heaven
Magic In Your Eyes
Makes A Man (Instrumental)
Margo's Theme (Instrumental)
Medicine Show
Message Of Love
Monday Tuesday Girl
Never Take Your Place
Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, The [The Band]
Not Waving But Drowning
Oh Well [Fleetwood Mac]
On The Road Again [Canned Heat]
On The Shore (Instrumental)
One Great Thing
One I Love, The
One In A Million
One In A Million (1st Visit)
Over The Border
Pan American Irish Girl
Paranoid [Black Sabbath]
Pass Me By
Peace In Our Time
Perfect World
Pink Marshmallow Moon
Post Nuclear Talking Blues
Prairie Rose [Roxy Music]
President Slipped And Fell, The
Promised Land
Rain Dance
Red Fox
Remembrance Day
Republican Party Reptile
Restless Natives
Return To The Two Headed King
Ring Out Bells
River of Hope
Rockin' In The Free World [Neil Young]
Ruby Tuesday [The Rolling Stones]
Sail Into Nothing
Save Me
Secret Angel Man
See You
Seer, The
Selling Of America, The
Send You
Seven Waves
Simple's Always Best
Sleep There Till Dawn
Small Town Big News
Soapy Soutar Strikes Back (Instrumental)
Soldier Of The Lord
Somebody Else
Song Of The South
Soul On Fire
Starred And Crossed
Storm, The
Sun And My Shadow
Sweet November Nothings
Take You To The Moon
Tall Ships Go
Teacher, The
Teenage Lament [Alice Cooper]
This Blood's For You
1000 Stars, A
Thousand Yard Stare
Thunder & Lightning
Time For Leaving
Tracks Of My Tears [Smokey Robinson & The Miracles]
Travellers, The (Instrumental)
Trouble The Waters
Troubled Man
Vicious [Lou Reed]
We're Not In Kansas
What About Peace
What Are You Working For
What Makes A Man
When The Drum Beats
Where The Rose Is Sown
Wildland In My Heart
Winding Wind
Winter Sky
Without Wings
Wolfman And The Clown (Instrumental)
Woodstock [Joni Mitchell]
World On Fire
You Dreamer
You Lose Your Dreams
You, Me And The Truth
You Want Me To Go
Your Spirit To Me
    The Crossing (1983)
1. In A Big Country
2. Inwards
3. Chance
4. A Thousand Stars
5. The Storm
6. Harvest Home
7. Lost Patrol
8. Close Action
9. Fields Of Fire
10. Porrohman
Re-Released In Germany (1998) With:
11. Angle Park
12. All Of Us
13. The Crossing
14. Heart And Soul

Steeltown (1984)
1. Flame Of The West
2. East Of Eden
3. Steeltown
4. Where The Rose Is Sown
5. Come Back To Me
6. Tall Ships Go
7. Girl With The Grey Eyes
8. Rain Dance
9. The Great Divide
10. Just A Shadow
Re-Released In Germany (1998) With:
11. Bass Dance
12. Belief In The Small Man
13. Prairie Rose
14. Wonderland
15. Winter Sky

The Seer (1986)
1. Look Away
2. Seer
3. Teacher
4. I Walk The Hill
5. Eiledon
6. One Great Thing
7. Hold The Heart
8. Remembrance Day
9. Red Fox
10. Sailor
Re-Released In Germany (1998) With:
14. Giant

Peace In Our Time (1988)
1. King Of Emotion
2. Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys)
3. Thousand Yard Stare
4. From Here To Eternity
5. Everything I Need
6. Peace In Our Time
7. Time For Leaving
8. River Of Hope
9. In This Place
10. I Could Be Happy Here
Re-Released In 1990 With:
11. The Travellers
12. When The Drum Beats
13. Starred And Crossed
14. The Longest Day

No Place Like Home (1991)
1. We're Not In Kansas
2. Republican Party Reptile
3. Dynamite Lady
4. Keep On Dreaming
5. Beautiful People
6. The Hostage Speaks
7. Beat The Devil
8. Leap Of Faith
9. You, Me And The Truth
10. Comes A Time
11. Ships
12. Into The Fire
Re-Released In 1996 With:
13. Heart Of The World
14. Kiss The Girl Goodbye
15. Freedom Song

The Buffalo Skinners (1993)
1. Alone
2. Seven Waves
3. What Are You Working For
4. The One I Love
5. Long Way Home
6. The Selling Of America
9. All Go Together
10. Winding Wind
11. Pink Marshmallow Moon
12. Chester's Farm

Why The Long Face (1995)
1. You Dreamer
2. Message Of Love
3. I'm Not Ashamed
4. Sail Into Nothing
5. Thunder & Lightning
6. Send You
7. One In A Million
8. God's Great Mistake
9. Wildland In My Heart
10. Take You To The Moon
11. Far From Me To You
12. Charlotte
13. Post Nuclear Talking Blues
14. Blue On A Green Planet
15. Vicious

Restless Natives & Rarities (1998)

Disc 1:
1. All Fall Together
2. Over The Border
3. Made In Heaven
4. Not Waving But Drowning
5. On The Shore
6. Balcony
7. Dead On Arrival
8. Pass Me By
9. Promised Land
10. Return Of The Two Headed King
12. World On Fire
14. I'm Only Waiting
15. Flags Of Nations
Disc 2:
2. Song Of The South
4. Normal
5. God's Great Mistake (Alternate Version)
6. Restless Natives

Bon Apetit EP (9/1999)
1. Birmingham
2. Living By Memory
3. Don't You Stay
4. Sun And My Shadow

Driving To Damascus (9/1999)
1. Driving To Damascus
2. Dive Into Me
3. See You
4. Perfect World
5. Somebody Else
6. Fragile Thing
7. The President Slipped And Fell
8. Devil In The Eye
9. Trouble The Waters
10. Bella
11. Your Spirit To Me
12. Grace
Re-Released As John Wayne's Dream (2002) With:
13. I Get Hurt
14. This Blood's For You
15. Loserville
16. John Wayne's Dream

Undercover (3/2001)
1. I'm Eighteen
2. Teenage Lament
3. Vicious
4. Down On The Corner
5. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
6. On The Road Again
7. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
8. Paranoid
9. Cracked Actor
10. Oh Well
11. Woodstock
12. Tracks Of My Tears (Live)
14. Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys
15. Honky Tonk Women (Live)
16. Killiekrankie

Rarities II (4/2001)
1. What Makes A Man
2. Crazytimes (Demo)
3. Eastworld
4. Celtic Dream
5. Never Take Your Place
6. Lone Star
8. Hardly A Mountain (Can You Feel The Winter)
9. I Feel Fine
10. Christmas Island
11. Soul On Fire
12. Secret Angel Man
13. Eggplant
14. The Long Road
15. You Want Me To Go

One In A Million (7/2001)
14. Daystar
15. I'm On This Train (The Web Album) (9/2001)
5. Medicine Show
10. Dragging My Name

The Singles Collection, Vol. 2 (2002)

Disc 4:
2. Home Came The Angels

Rarities III (3/2003)
1. Ages Of A Man
3. What About Peace
4. Time For Leaving (Demo)
5. You Lose Your Dreams
6. 1000 Yard Stare (Demo)
7. Golden Boy Loves Golden Girl
8. I Am A Small Republic
9. Everything I Need (Demo)
10. Mary
11. Send You (Demo)
12. In Your Homeland
13. Troubled Man
14. Peace In Our Time (Demo)

The Singles Collection, Vol. 3 (7/2003)
Disc 6:
3. Fly Like An Eagle

The Singles Collection, Vol. 4 (9/2003)
Disc 1:
3. Buffalo Skinners
Disc 2:
3. Monday Tuesday Girl
4. Crazytimes
5. Blue On A Green Planet (Cool Version)
Disc 3:
4. Bianca
5. Can You Feel The Winter
Disc 7:
3. Another Misty Morning
4. Dust On The Road

Rarities IV (3/2004)
4. Chance (Demo)
6. The Storm (Demo)
10. Fields Of Fire (Demo)
13. The Crossing (Demo)
14. Big City
15. Ring Out Bells
16. Echoes
17. Wake

Rarities V (3/2004)
2. Kiss The Girl (Demo)
5. Ships (Demo)
6. The Hostage Speaks (Demo)
11. Save Me

Rarities VI (3/2004)
7. Wolfman And The Clown
8. Thunder And Lightning (Demo)
12. Makes A Man

Rarities VII (Damascus Sessions) (2005)
Disc 1:
6. Cimarron
9. Sleep There Till Dawn
Disc 2:
4. I'm On This Train (Demo)
6. Dive Into Me (Demo)
7. Without Wings

Rarities VIII (2006)
3. Comes A Time (Demo)
5. Small Town Big News
6. I Could Be Happy Here (Demo)
9. Sweet November Nothings
11. Pan American Irish Girl
13. Simple's Always Best
16. Soldier Of The Lord
17. Winding Wind (Demo)


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